Somebody has to start, so why not us? The Renaissance did not happen because everyone accepted reality as it is. It happened, because people were sick and tired and done with control and misery. They were craving freedom, craving new wisdom, craving aliveness. While their old feudalist system was collapsing all around them, explorers, scientists, artists and beauty lovers started to look for and find new ways. Their inner motivation was stronger than any fear of survival. Their driver? BEAUTY. 

But – what exactly is beauty?
Beauty is much more a holistic perception and a momentary experience, when we perceive a moment of sheer perfection with all of our senses. When we are witnessing beauty, we feel time stands still. We feel at home and whole within us. We feel complete. It can even overwhelm us completely.

Beauty is a moment when our outside reality goes in complete alignment with our deepest inner genetic makeup. To say it with Dr. Zach Bush’s words: “At the cellular level and below that at the atomic level built into the fabric of nature is the drive for beauty”. So, we have it all in us! That is why nobody is immune to beauty. When you see beauty, you experience love and unity with your environment. In this moment, you remember your own inner nature of beauty, beyond all conditioning, beliefs and social programming. You remember the beauty of nature around you, and you remember that you are part of it. Beauty is love. A feeling of homecoming. A feeling of being YOU, no masks, no roles, no filters.

The Second Renaissance has already started. The more our old, neo-capitalist system is collapsing yet trying to hold a grip on us with its last breaths, the more people start craving inspiration, freedom, aliveness, connection – and BEAUTY. The more pressure, the higher the motivation and courage to go new ways and to do things that have never been done before. Diamonds form under pressure. So does evolution. We are at a turning point, where the illusion of separation can no longer hold.

We are finding each other, and are starting to walk together towards a new horizon. We are discovering our capability of acting as a superorganism in coherence and interdependence. It is no longer just a fantasy or dream. It is happening. 

Beauty is what inspires us and pulls us towards tomorrow. A playful, innocent approach is what drives us towards a fresh future. We are done with heavy duty! That is WHY we research, develop, inspire and seed a framework, dynamics and content of a new human civilization beyond the currently thinkable in all fields of human activity, in which everyone can win and thrive. No exceptions!

I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults.

SHIGERU MIYAMOTO – Video Game Designer