Over the years we have discovered, researched, and prototyped the structure and dynamics of THE NEW PARADIGM of humanity as a thriving superorganism with beauty as the inspirational driving force. All of our activities are directed towards that horizon. 

We have compiled all of our observations, discoveries and revelations in many decks and papers. They all have one common ground: The NEOGEO Source Code. A set of shared values and understanding of organic principles that define the structures and dynamics of THE NEW PARADIGM. Humans are currently going through a cycle of rapid evolution. The Homo Sapiens that was only driven by its logical, separating left side of the brain gives way to the Homo Sophos, the new human that integrates the creative right side of the brain, and its holistic view of reality with the ability of logical thinking. Homo Sophos navigates with the intelligence of the solar plexus center, the home of intuition. This evolution is following the statistical standard deviation / bell curve. While a certain population of humans is already going through this evolutionary shift and with it changing its way of operating (behavior), most of the collective is still running in repetitive loops with increasing stress and pressure on the individuals and their organizations, exhausting themselves more and more. In a stealth way, THE NEW PARADIGM is evolving while an old one is fading out. 

We invite you to explore some of our key findings in this section to get a first idea of how the superorganism of humanity operates. 

All of our research, prototypes, products and services are in a permanent state of becoming, as things can change when new discoveries are made, new data enters and new information is found. While we keep a steady baseline of evolution, we do not get attached to one truth as a given. Therefore, we constantly update our findings as we continue to move forward into the unknown.